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Stormi Webster ‘Happy’ On Trying Mommy Kylie’s New Lip Kit!

Mommy Kylie Jenner just posted the cutest video of 22-month-old daughter Stormi Webster applying her new Kylie Lip Kit and the internet can’t handle the cuteness!

Kylie Jenner’s cute little daughter Stormi Webster is breaking the internet with her cuteness after her proud mommy posted a heart-melting video of her on Instagram. The 22-month-old toddler already seems to be getting a hang of the art of applying a lipstick – courtesy make-up mogul mommy Kylie whom she probably watched and learned from.

The 22-year-old mommy shared the cutest video of little Stormi applying one of her famous Kylie Lip kits whilst looking into the mirror – seated on a make-up counter with a huge smile painted across her cute little face. In the video, Stormi’s curly hair is left loose, and is seen wearing the cutest sweatshirt and coordinated sweatpants making her look even more adorable.

“Happy!” Stormi chirps in her high-pitched baby voice while giggling to which mommy Kylie laughingly responds “You’re happy? You got it in your teeth baby.” Stormi turns back to the mirror and double-checks her lipstick and seems pleased with the results. The video received a lot of love from friends and fans. One comment by Kylie’s makeup artist read “I can’t omgggg! She’s for sure your daughter lol. Can’t wait for her first Glam sesh! lol”. Sofia Richie chimed in saying “I miss that little laugh”. The Kylie Cosmetics team also joined in and commented “OMG! So precious!”

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