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Spice Girls Announced New EP Marking 25 Years Of Wannabe

Much awaited news update of the day for ardent fans of iconic girl band Spice Girls is that Spice Girls announced new EP marking 25 years of Wannabe.

This is really exciting news scoop of the day as the most loved and iconic globally prominent cult girl band of 80’s, Spice Girls announced new EP marking 25 years of Wannabe.

Spice Girls has been an integral part of every kid from 90’s generation who has grown up listening to their songs and especially for fans of this timeless and iconic girl band this is an exciting news as Spice Girls announced new EP marking 25 years of Wannabe.

This is real and true news that Spice Girls announced new EP marking 25 years of Wannabe.

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The iconic girl band without which Hollywood music industry is incomplete is going to give a gift and treat to their fans by releasing their limited edition vinyl Wannabe CD and cassette titled Wannabe25 which is going to available for streaming on 9th July in next month.

The EP (extended play record) is going to contain the original chartbuster track, followed by remix version of song by Junior Vasquez and cherry on top of cake here is that it will also be including the unreleased demo recording of an original song titled Feed Your Love.

The physical copies of EP is going to be made available two weeks after it is dropped officially on all global streaming platforms which also happens to be the exact date that Wannabe was released on 9th July 1996 and also this song is one of the Spice Girls biggest hits which broke multiple records globally and also became synonymous with them as a group and proudly it is also the seventh best-selling debut single of all time, with over 1.3 million CD singles and download sales, as well as the longest-reigning number one by a girl group.

The group is also celebrating their timeless track through an innovative social media campaign on their official insta handle with hashtag #IAMASPICEGIRL which has been motivating and encouraging fans to send in their fondest memories and stories related to the song to be shared on their official Spice Girls instagram handle.

The Spice Girls insta handle posted a video few days back whose caption read, “It’s official! It’s been 25 years of the Spice Girls. We believe there is a Spice Girl in all of us, and we want you to join us on a trip down memory lane! We want to see you singing your heart out, showing off your best dance moves and hear how you’ve been inspired, influenced and excited by everything People Power. Share your photos, videos and stories with us using #IAmASpiceGirl or email [email protected] p.s. Keep your eyes peeled today if you wannabe excited …”.

Source: Spice Girls Instagram. Their official handle posted this video evoking nostalgic memories of every 90’s generation kid’s childhood who grew up listening to their timeless and evergreen songs.

Spice Girls insta account’s second video post marked 25 years of Wannabe and their caption for same was, “Wannabe is 25!. To celebrate we’re releasing a limited edition vinyl and cassette, featuring: Wannabe (original single), Wannabe (Junior Vasquez remix edit), Wannabe (demo) and previously unreleased track ‘Feed Your Love’. The EP will be released digitally on the 9th of July, with the vinyl and cassette following on the 23rd July”.

Source: Spice Girls Instagram. This video gave big surprises related to their 25 years celebration which is limited edition vinyl and cassette featuring Wannabe remix, Wannabe original song and unreleased track Feed Your Love.

Now we all are just off for starting the much awaited countdown to 9th July.

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