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Sophie & Joe Jonas Sponsored 100 Fresh Meals For the Doctors Of East LA Hospital

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas may enjoy their time together in quarantine but they also make sure they help their local community. Read below to know more.

The Pandemic COVID-19 has taken over the globe like never before. Any and every help provided in times like these is of utmost importance. It’s been over two months now and via social media, we have seen the globe diminish. Humanity has arisen with people trying to fight it.

Celebrities coming forward and now are now contributing money and other necessities. Recently Hollywood stars Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas has chipped in as they donated 100 hot meals for the cause.

Recently the couple funded 100 new and hot meals for the East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital doctors and nurses. This was through the ”Fueling the Fearless’ campaign that took to social media to thank them and their managers for that contribution.

They have posted a bunch of pictures where one can see hospital staff members who are giving the patients some extra time in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Across the rest of the pictures, we can see both the food delivery boxes as well as the meal. Check out these.

However, now is the time for the critical service providers to become a support network. Many videos and posts go viral where doctors and nurses express the challenge when treating the patients with COVID-19. This can only remind them by providing some concrete encouragement that we are all in this together! Well done job, Sophie-Joe!

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