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Sofia & Scott Takes A Motorbike Ride To The Beach

Escaping the quarantine life Sofia Richie and Scott Disick with his son Reign enjoyed beach trip.

On Saturday, April 25, Sofia Richie, 21, and her main man Scott Disick, 36, was spotted out on the beach with his son Reign, 5. The aspiring model looked positively beautiful in an orange bikini top and loose-fitting sweats while wearing protective face gear.

Whereas Scott sported a loose-fitting black tank top and grey shorts as he played with little Reign and their Hershula dog around. After their day out, his youngest child looked cute in his green and white swim trunks. Everything escalated later in the day the romantic couple jumped on his motorcycle and glided across the sands while she held him from behind.

The beach seems to be the favorite place to go to for Scott and Sofia as late as they have fled the quarantine life that millions of people have adjusted to over the past month. 

Earlier on Wednesday, April 22, they hit the beach once more. Scott snapped Sofia’s sultry image which she posted the very same day with her Instagram page. In the shot, while wearing an orange string bikini and a pair of sandals, she posed on her green and black bike. The tan beauty also sported sunglasses and a black face mask. “So what are we calling summer 2020?” Sofia initially captioned the image posted on her Instagram account by adding the hashtag “cancelled.”

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