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SHOCKING!!Coronavirus Crisis Impacts Major Hollywood Studios

The outbreak of coronavirus has left the world in fear. Hollywood studios postponed movies like Mulan, The Grudge from releasing in the countries affected.

Coronavirus has left chaos on the whole planet. Several industries are struggling to stay afloat amid this health hazard, including the entertainment industry. Hollywood finds it hard to introduce their big films and shows in the affected parts of the world. The large production companies closely monitored their Chinese, Japanese, Italian and South Korean workers. They suspend any sorts of promotional activities in the areas affected by possible blockbusters.

Every popular Hollywood studio has had a big release in the months ahead. But with the spread of the virus, Hollywood production houses like Warner Bros, Disney, Sony, etc., have canceled their plans to release their films in China during testing times like these. Films like Mulan, No Time To Die, Bloodsport, etc. are prevented from releasing in the country permanently.

Even when the Chinese officials had not given them their nod, now it seems that it is the studios that have opted not to go forward with it. It will hamper tens of millions in sales but safety comes first.

Not only China but other affected countries like Italy are witnessing something similar as well. Coronavirus cases have risen to 400 in Italy and studios have pretty much stopped their launches there too. Films such as Mulan, The Grudge, Onward or any other major US films in Italy will delay their release.

A major release like Mulan expects a huge loss due to Coronavirus becoming a threat, not being able to release in China. With Disney, making people from the countries affected go to the cinema halls will be a big challenge when everyone fears crowded places. Films such as No Time To Die, Wonder Woman 84, Fast & Furious 9, etc. had intended to cash in huge international turnarounds but have remained stagnant for now.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has infected more than 82,500 people worldwide killing 2,810 of them. Healthcare experts predict the number will continue to rise. Studios have not made any official announcements about the crisis but have maintained a very private watch for their employees in the countries concerned to ensure their safety. They encourage people to stay at home and work from home.

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