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5 Most Shocking Revelations As Amber Heard Takes The Stand In Johnny Depp Trial

Amber Heard spoke about the alleged time Johnny Depp slapped her three times and 'ripped' part of her dress in search of drugs.

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp’s trial has taken a new turn. Recently, Amber Heard eventual took the stand and brought about a number of explosive claims and revelations. For unversed, Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million as he alleges that she defamed him in an article for The Washington Post in 2018, in which Amber said she was a victim of domestic abuse. Though Depp continuously denies the allegations, the actress launched a countersuit against him, suing him for $100 million. Take a look at some of the most shocking revelations she made in the recent trial.

Amber Heard Calls The Case ‘Horrible And Painful’
As the Aquaman star said she ‘struggled to have the words,’ to describe how she felt about the ongoing case, she admitted, “This is horrible for me to sit here for weeks and relive everything. This is the most painful and difficult thing I’ve ever gone through for sure.”

Heard Claims Depp ‘Blurred The Lines’ In The Movie Kissing Scene
After detailing to the jury the struggles she faced while trying to make it as an actress in the early days of her career, Heard revealed how she eventually got two callbacks for The Rum Diary, which was starring and being produced by Depp.

Heard went on to describe a certain scene in the movie in which she had to kiss Depp. She said, “There are certain things you do in the job to be professional when you have to do that sort of scene. You don’t use tongue if you can avoid it.” The actress added, “It felt like those lines were blurred. He grabbed my face, pulled me in, and kissed me.”

Depp And Heard Fell In Love Amid ‘Secret Dates’
The Aquaman actress reveal she fell in love with Depp during the press tour for the movie in 2011, describing how being around him made her feel like ‘the best beautiful person in the world.’ “It made me feel seen. It made me feel like a million dollars,” Heard admitted before explaining how the pair had been secretly dating as Depp split from his former partner and mum to his two kids, Vanessa Paradis, hadn’t been made public.

Heard Claims Depp Slapped Her Three Times, Which ‘Changed Her Life Forever‘ Heard spoke about the alleged time Depp slapped her as their relationship strained, something Depp continues to deny. The actress said the alleged slap came as the couple sat on a sofa and she asked about a tattoo on Depp’s arm which said ‘Wino forever,’ to which she laughed. But Johnny Depp slapped her across the face.

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She continues, “He said ‘oh you think you’re funny b***h, you think you’re a funny b***h.’ Then he slapped me again and it was clear it wasn’t a joke anymore and I stopped laughing but I didn’t know what else to do.” After revealing he hit her three times, Heard said it changed her life forever and claimed the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor got down on his knees and cried uncontrollably, saying he was sorry.

Amber Heard Claims Johnny Depp Did ‘Cavity Search’ On Her In Hunt For Drugs
After describing how the Heard and Depp had gone to a ‘fancy trailer park’ in 2013 and made a plan to do ‘laughy drugs’ with friends, Heard said the pair’s night took a turn. She claimed Depp’s attitude changed after a woman put her head on Heard’s and the actor allegedly didn’t like it. After returning to their trailer, the pair allegedly argued and Heard said Depp started looking for something, asking her where it was.

Heard then described how he ‘ripped’ part of her dress and ‘rips my underwear off.’ She continues, “He precedes to do a cavity search, he was looking for his drugs.” The actress added, Depp ‘just shoved his fingers into me and I just stood there staring at the stupid light, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t say stop or anything.”

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