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Shawn Mendes Reveals He’s Exploring His Spiritual Side Including Meditation And Studying Hinduism

Shawn Mendes has done an in-depth exploration of the Bhakti movement in Hinduism and spent every Thursday for the past year meditating.

Singer Shawn Mendes has recently shared his thoughts on how embracing spirituality has changed his life. While appearing on the cover of the March issue of Billboard, the singer and songwriter opened up about his spiritual journey in the recent interview. “I hit a low point a few years ago,” Shawn, who split from longtime girlfriend Camila Cabello last year, admitted. “I think everybody has a moment where they just decide it’s time to kind of do something different.”

The singer went on to tell that “spirituality is a part of my life that is much bigger than I actually even let on.” Shawn then detailed how his study of spirituality had evolved over time, beginning with meditation to reading religious texts. And he has also done an in-depth exploration of the Bhakti movement in Hinduism. He added, “For me, it’s not to be like, ‘I have to change the world.'”

Mendes told the outlet, “I’m just saying, that’s where my ambition goes to influence culture. I want to honor the opportunity that I’ve been given as an artist, to make something very true.” The pop star has spent every Thursday for the past year meditating and discussing scriptures including the Bhagavad Gita with Think Like A Monk author Jay Shetty.

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In the cover image, the singer donned a black and white striped tank top and wore his trademark brown hair tousled. During the interview, the musician explained that he was unbothered by the tabloid scrutiny on his two-year relationship and break-up with Camila Cabello.’I honestly don’t care,’ he told Billboard.

Shawn’s longtime manager Andrew Gertler told Billboard that taking time off from touring during the COVID-19 pandemic provided the artist with the opportunity to reflect on what was really important to him.’For years, it was run and gun, constant movement, and from a really young age,’ Gertler said. He added, ‘I don’t think he got the time until recently to really even go, ‘What do I care about?”

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