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Shawn Mendes Admits His ‘Big Ego’ Was ‘Hurting’ His Relationship With Camila Cabello

Singer Shawn Mendes addresses the breakup reason with Camila Cabello.

‘The In My Blood’ singer confessed what went wrong from his side in his relationship in a recent interview.

Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes (Source: Splash News)

Shawn Mendes opened up about this relationship while appeared for an interview with RADIO.COM for the promotion of his new singleWonder.’

The Stitches singer revealed in the interview what went wrong in his relationship with Camila.

Shawn disclosed that he used to feel that he was incredibly “emotional” and “pretty open” as an individual. But he quickly discovered that as he indulged in a relationship with someone he “truly loved,” his view about himself changed.

This relation enabled him to think that he had a “big ego” and therefore he decided to suppress his emotions and things that “offended” him. Shawn Mendes revealed that his relationship was “hurt” by this definite pressure.

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Meanwhile in another interview with SiriusXM Hits 1 Shawn Mendes talked about those zombie walks that made headlines, he jokingly said that they were looking like zombies from The Walking Dead.

Furthermore, Shawn Mendes added that everyone was uncertain about what was going on with us and also felt like we were on drugs.

Shawn Mendes said it was funny because they were all so confused by the world at that time.

Shawn Mendes said that now is a really tough moment, reflecting on what they all felt at the time because it’s a really stressful time for everyone.

Shawn Mendes in his interview insisted that the couple was making the active efforts to relax and enjoy moments of serenity amid the chaos in the world because of the pandemic.

Explaining it further he said they thought let’s just walk slowly, meditate and relax. For them, he said, it was a happy moment.

Talking about the footage of the zombie walk, Shawn Mendes said that seeing the footage now is just too funny.

Well, Camila Cabello was a source of support for the singer in the news of a couple calling it quits.

She recently took to her Instagram account and sent her partner some supportive words.

In the caption of the post, she praised Shawn Mendes while adding a preview of the video teaser of his upcoming album Wonder. Camila Cabello thanked Shawn Mendes, calling the album a “gorgeous gift to the world.”

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