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Sarah Jessica Parker Shares Sex And The City 2 Release Date

For fans who had been waiting for the highly awaited spinoff and reboot version of SATC, Sarah Jessica Parker shared Sex And The City 2 release date.

The iconic Sex and The City series revival had been confirmed a few months back earlier in summer and especially for fans who are waiting for the reboot series titled Just Like That which would soon be airing on HBO Max, its an exciting news as their very own Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker shares Sex And The City 2 release date.

Definitely it has invoked our 90’s nostalgia which is why we have been hooked on every little bit of news we could get our hands on and finally after teasing fans and audiences with the pictures from set, short video clips on social media and so on, recently the award winning Hollywood superstar Sarah Jessica Parker shares Sex And The City 2 release date.

An exciting scoop for all the fans and netizens here is that Sarah Jessica Parker shares Sex And The City 2 release date.

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Now, Sarah Jessica Parker has given all the ardent fans and netizens across the globe an update on when the reboot will be released. In an HBO Max clip, Sarah gave us backstage look at the sets in New York City before revealing that the reboot will drop in December. While a UK release date has yet to be shared, its a known fact that HBO’s content is usually shared on NOW and Sky Atlantic.

Our latest sneak peek at HBO Max’s much anticipated series titled And Just Like That debuted during The Emmys 2021 which has gotten all fans really excited.

In the trailer, we caught an adorable sneak peek and glimpse of Carrie and Mr Big totally heads over heels in love dancing and sneaking a kiss in their really fancy kitchen. We also got another look at Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte dressed up in their outfits, including Carrie wearing a feathered garrison cap which could be filed under fashion trends we did not see coming in 2021.

This highly anticipated reboot version of the iconic show Sex And The City titled And Just Like That will be a 10 episode series revisiting the iconic SATC characters 20 years later.

The series is ditching the iconic and cult ‘Sex and the City’ name that we know and love and this reboot, which takes a line from narrator Carrie Bradshaw herself has been titled ‘And Just Like That’.

As mentioned clearly, the reboot which has 10 half hour would soon start airing on HBO Max in December and the official description for this on Youtube reads, “And Just Like That…the next chapter begins for Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte York-Goldenblatt  (Kristin Davis), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), and the city. We’ll see you in December”.

The official date announcement video for And Just Like That:

Source: HBO Max Official Youtube Channel.

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