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Selena Spills Beans On Her Awkward First On Screen Kiss

An interesting and unknown fact about this globally loved pop singer and Disney star is that in an old interview, Selena spills beans on her awkward first on screen kiss.

The first kiss is often an awkward moment for almost any of us but some child stars are often forced into a really extra awkward experience of having their first time locking lips that actually gets filmed for the world to see and this is an unknown fact coming out now where Selena spills beans on her awkward first on screen kiss.

Today Selena Gomez is the unstoppable force who is a trailblazing pop singer, producer, entrepreneur, Hollywood star and also a businesswoman but we all know that she had kick started her entire career from being a Disney star and today there’s no looking back for her and now an interesting tit bit coming out from Disney archives is about the time where Selena spills beans on her awkward first on screen kiss.

The Disney star who made her leap from child roles into more mature roles today, in an old interview we can see how Selena spills beans on her awkward first on screen kiss.

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After starting her career with small character oriented roles in Disney shows like Barney And Friends, The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody and Hannah Montana, it was actually in 2007 that her entire career really started off with a leading role in the Disney favorite show The Wizards Of Waverly Place which features Selena as a young wizard whose wayward spell puts her entire family in jeopardy whilst they are on vacation and nowadays she is known as a singing sensation and queen of American music industry thanks to her singing career which started with release of her 2008 album titled Kiss And Tell.

Selena Gomez’s first kiss was with Dylan Sprouse on Suite Life and even though it may have been a literally fleeting moment in Gomez’s rise to pinnacle but certainly it did make a lasting impression as well since she had her very first on screen kiss in that episode and did lock lips with Dylan Sprouse on screen and also opened up on her entire awkward first kiss experience of hers in an old interview with a magazine wherein she was quoted saying, “I actually leaned in to kiss him, and I had my eyes closed a little too early”. Then talking about this incident in 2009, Selena laughed it off and said, “But I was 12, so it was okay. It was good”.

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