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Selena Gomez Gets Candid On Her Viral Photo With Hailey Bieber

Selena Gomez has finally responded to the online frenzy over last month's pictures of her cuddling up to Hailey Bieber.

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber recently reunited at the Academy Museum gala. Hailey is married to Selena’s ex Justin Bieber, which has led some Selenators to relentlessly troll Hailey over the past few years. Selena and Hailey set the records straight with their photos that they are on friendly terms, whatever their respective admirers might think.

Photographer Tyrell Hampton, who captured one of the images of Hailey and Selena at the gala, posted it to Instagram at the time and wrote, ‘plot twist.’ Meanwhile, Gomez has finally responded to the online frenzy over last month’s pictures of her cuddling up to Hailey. In the latest interview with Vulture, Selena said the snaps were ‘not a big deal and added: ‘It’s not even a thing.’

Previously, Hailey indicated that her relationship with Selena was ‘all respect while debunking all the rumours that Justin had cheated on Selena with her. Hailey set the record straight about the timeline of her and Justin’s relationship after years of fan-driven speculation that she ‘stole’ him from Gomez. During her appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast last month, the Rhode founder insisted to host Alexis Cooper that Justin had not cheated on Gomez with her.

She shared that she and Justin began ‘hooking up’ after he’d already split from his former on/off girlfriend in early 2018. Justin and Hailey, who’d had a previous fling in 2016, rekindled their flame in mid-2018. They were engaged by July, two months after his breakup with Selena, and tied the knot two months later. Justin and Selena dated on/off for nearly a decade, and fans of both singers felt emotionally invested in their highly-publicized ‘Jelena’ romance.

Resulting when they called it quits and he moved on with Hailey, she became the main target of online backlash and fan conspiracies. Selena and Justin began dating in 2010. The former Disney star was about 18 at the time, and Justin was about 16. The couple’s first big break happened in 2012 and was followed by a series of patch-ups and breakups until 2018. Justin and Selena were last seen together in March of that year.

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