Saturday, September 26, 2020

    Selena Gomez talks about the scariest moments in her life before she sought treatment for depression

    Selena Gomez who recently received the 2019 McLean Award, which is awarded to "individuals who have furthered the public's understanding of psychiatric illness and mental health." Here's what she said in her speech


    Selena Gomez who herself had to undergo treatment for mental health and who has always been very vocal about the same was recently honoured with the 2019 McLean award, which is awarded to “individuals who have furthered the public’s understanding of psychiatric illness and mental health.” Selena towards the end of 2018 had several mental breakdowns due to her Lupus side-effects. But now the songstress is in a happy place as she works towards living happily with her close friends and family while making her way back to work.

    While accepting the award spoke about her truth, about how she suffered “mentally” and “emotionally” in 2018 and how she wasn’t even able to hold a smile and keep things from looking normal. She said “It felt like all of my pain and my anxiety washed over me all at once and it was one of the scariest moments of my life.” On receiving a clear diagnosis she revealed how she was terrified and relieved at the same time. She admitted, “Terrified, obviously, because the veil was lifted but relieved that I finally had the knowledge of why I had suffered for so many years with depression and anxiety.”

    And now that Selena is aware of her diagnosis, Selena is facing it head-on as hse revealed what her mother taught her, “to face my fears and challenges when I was younger.” Selena revealed that she met some great doctors and psychiatrists while she was being treated, who educated her and also adviced her to talk to people who were also suffering. This is what lead her to become “very passionate” about mental health. And now after a year of intense work, she is happier, healthier and in control of her emotions and thoughts.

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