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Selena Gomez OPENS UP That She Fears Ending Up Alone

In a recent interview, Selena Gomez spilled the beans on her esteem struggles and how she fears about ending up alone. Read below.

Selena Gomez, who has been pretty frank about her past relationship with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber and how it had impacted her mental health, recently, revealed that she thinks she’s going to end up alone. The 27-year-old singer recently appeared in a YouTube video by Genius where she opened up about her problems with self-esteem.

The singer said that she often wakes up feeling annoyed because she feels she’ll be alone forever. But she tries to brush away the feeling and tells herself that for everyone there is someone out there.

During the interview, Selena said that she is struggling with confidence and self-esteem, and is concentrating on getting over it. Speaking of her song Rare which came out in January, Selena said “It’s about the importance of understanding self-worth.”

Though she didn’t want the lyrics to sound like she’s arrogant and full of herself, Selena said, “I think I deserve to talk about the things that matter.” Speaking of her past relationships, the singer said that she sometimes thinks people get satisfaction from hurting someone because they think they care for them.

Talking about Selena’s mental health, the singer took a break from the limelight to focus on her mental and physical health for a while back in 2018. The incident happened after her breakup with Justin. The talented singer then made a comeback in 2020 and released her music album Rare.           

Post the release of the album, Selena has been giving out many interviews. And during one such interview, Selena revealed that she faced a lot of emotional abuse while she was dating Justin.

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