Monday, September 28, 2020

    Selena Gomez KISSES Julia Michaels and also flaunt matching tattoos

    Selena Gomez surprised fans at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles as she joined her BFF and songstress Julia Michaels on stage for the last song. And after their performance, the two were seen locking lips and fans are flipping out!


    Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels worked together on various projects. Selena was also recently seen attending the songstress’ 26th birthday. Julia who was seen performing at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles was surprised by Selena as she popped up on stage. Not only that but the two also performed together. And though fans were over the moon after their performance, what happened after that left them flipping out!

    Soon after the performance Selena and Julia shared a peck on the lips and videos and images of the aforementioned kiss have been circulating on social media. Not only that but soon after the concert the two also got together to London Reese and Brad Reis’s tattoo studio and got matching ink and cemented their friendship. Selena also shared a picture of the intricate arrows on her Instagram stories and wrote, “It’s tatted.. my arrow points to you forever.”

    And though Selena and Julia kissed, it seems like it was just a public display of affection between two good friends, though a few are convinced that there is more to it. Well, we think it’s great to show your friends that you love them without caring about what others think. Who really cares about labels nowadays.

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