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Selena Gomez Becomes Owner In An Iconic NYC Ice Cream Brand

It seems like singer, actor, and producer Selena Gomez has added another new feather to her cap, as she becomes owner in an iconic NYC Ice Cream Brand with the Serendipity restaurant.

After garnering remarkable commercial success and critical accolades with the latest English single “Ice Cream” with globally renowned female K pop group BlackPink, Selena Gomez has added a new feather to her cap as the singer, actor and producer recently becomes owner in an iconic NYC Ice Cream Brand.

That’s not all as Selena has also launched her own flavour of the ice cream after getting inspiration from her brand new successful single “Ice Cream”.

She has basically gone all in and created a new pink ice cream cookies and cream remix flavour that would satisfy your taste buds and dessert palate with NYC’s iconic Serendipity Restaurant.

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There can’t be anything much sweeter than this as literally just last month, Selena teamed up with Serendipity Ice Creams to create and develop a whole new pink colored version of the classic cookies and cream ice cream in honour of her latest dessert inspired music single track.

Source: Serendipity Brands Instagram. Selena created cookies and cream pink flavoured ice cream with Serendipity in NYC.

In an interview with a leading travel and lifestyle digital publication, Selena said, “I remember going there on my first trip to NYC with my mom when I was young”, “We loved the film ‘Serendipity’, so we just had to go there”.

Now the 28 year old grown up star and singer has become an investor by becoming part owner of the Serendipity brand and restaurant. The CEO of Serendipity Restaurant Mark Smolin told the digital magazine, “The restaurant has been around for 65 years”.

Source: Selena Gomez Instagram. She creates a new cookies and cream remix pink flavoured ice cream with Serendipity restaurant

Further, he also said, “Selena wanted to bring the quality and fun she experienced in the restaurant to everyone else in the world. She has great vision and creativity, and she’s working with us to build more flavors and products, in addition to the ice cream pints, over the years to come”.

Also Smolin giving a little of the inside scoop, told the magazine that Serendipity is all set with its upcoming plans to open four new restaurants all around the globe. While its exact locations are sealed and locked with being a top secret for now, he mentioned that ice cream lovers can expect the restaurant to open and pop up in global popular destinations.

Source: BlackPink Official YouTube Channel. Selena Gomez and BlackPink “IceCream” Music Video

“We’re in the process of opening four more right now and they’ll be in high tourism areas where people can go out and have the Serendipity experience,” Smolin said to the magazine.

On the same Smolin giving details to the leading digital magazine where was quoted saying, “After that, we have more opportunities and demands in other locations, but our goal is to not open an ice cream shop in every town or state. It’s going to be in select high-tourist, high-profile areas that can support the brand and everything we’re trying to build”.

With most of the global international travelling plans now on hold due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic, you can just enjoy Selena’s pink flavoured cookies and cream remix ice cream filled with crunchy cookie bites, delicious fudge swirls, and pink vanilla ice cream all in the comfort of your home for now.

Speaking to the magazine Gomez told, “Not sure there’s a bad place to eat ice cream”. On same lines she also said that, “But there’s something about being curled up on the sofa, watching a movie or something, that I find very comforting.”

Selena’s cookies and cream remix pink flavoured vanilla ice cream will be available for $5.99 in supermarkets, convenience stores, other food retailers across the country and online at serendipitybrands.com.

Sharing her happiness on the same Gomez says, “I’m very happy with how the marketing campaign for the ‘Ice Cream’ single came together, and the fun part Serendipity played in the overall rollout of the song”.

Lastly, she concluded her quote to the magazine by saying, “As the brand continues to expand, I’m looking forward to helping it grow internationally”.

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