Secret Detail About Jack Sparrow In Pirates Of The Caribbean

You must have watched all instalments of Pirates Of The Caribbean and read all its books, however, there are still a lot more surprising secrets that didn't aware of.

It’s been almost two decades since the Pirates of the Caribbean debut, and many people grew up watching Captain Sparrow sailing the Black Pearl. However, there’s still a lot about Jack’s history that remains a mystery. There are some details about Johnny Depp’s character that is in the movies, but you might have read them before.

However, some of the details come from the Disney book series released about Jack that chronicle his adventures as a teenager leading up to The Curse of the Black Pearl. Check out some detail about Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean. From the beginning of the film, Sparrow was seen as a Pirate, you might assume Jack might be a Pirate from his heart since birth. But, you are wrong!

In actuality, the majority of the details about this are in the books, but it is definitely indicated in the movies as well. When Jack and Beckett reunite, the latter reminds Jack of the cargo he was supposed to transport, and Jack tells him ‘people aren’t cargo.’ It’s certainly interesting to see how even a pirate as traitorous as Jack still has some moral boundaries he won’t cross.

Jack was a charismatic character, and his father Captain Teague clearly a renowned pirate, you would expect Jack’s mother to be equally as significant in the story. However, there is very less talk about his mom in the film. Yes, there’s a dialogue where Jack asks how his mom is doing, and his dad Teague pulls out her shrunken head. However, the books also don’t shed much more light on what she was like, simply telling fans that she gave birth to Jack in the middle of a typhoon.

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Jack Sparrow is an iconic role played by Johnny Depp and it also means a lot to him. He has gone off track to play the character. Beyond filming, Depp has taken time out of his life to dress up as the character to visit children’s hospitals on numerous occasions. However, Depp’s dedication didn’t end here! The actor is so committed to the role that he has even changed his physical appearance to permanently make himself more like Sparrow.

Meanwhile, in the beginning, Johnny had real golden teeth put into his mouth by a dentist. Later, Depp actually had too many golden teeth inserted and was asked to remove some before filming other films. Moreover, Depp’s fans must remember Sparrow’s tattoo of a bird on his arm. Though it was initially fake, Depp liked it so much that he decided to get the design tattooed to remember the role.