Succession Spoiler Alert! Sarah Snook And Matthew Macfadyen Break Down A Major Scene

The premiere of Succession brought a war between media mogul Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and his three youngest children. After their father (with their mother’s help) evicted them from the family business at the end of Season 3, the brothers seem to celebrate having outbid Logan, having outbid him from Pierce’s rival media empire.

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And then Shiv heads home to New York to get some clothes from the apartment she doesn’t really share with her ex-husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) anymore. He’s there too, and what follows is a heartbreaking scene, although none of the contestants raise their voices. “I think what Tom really wants is to talk about what happened,” Macfadyen told The Hollywood Reporter.”There was no autopsy at all.”

In the show Succession, it’s her way of trying to get Tom to get up, Snook tells THR: “She expects Tom to hit back. She throws spikes and says, “We should break up. We shouldn’t be together, we should go now.” However, Tom does not. He challenges Shiv: “Are you sure you want to fully enumerate all the pain in our marriage? Because if you do, I can do it,” but when he does, she immediately says they should formalize their breakup.

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Shiv looks close to tears as he repeats that talking doesn’t help, but he can’t bring himself to say why.

“It’s a bit heartbreaking,” Snook said. “She can’t really say what she needs or wants and instead sews herself. It’s a trait Snook thinks probably already has ingrained in Shiv: “She’s a lot like Logan, and I don’t think Logan was really happy in romantic love.” I think Shiv would probably be just as lonely.”

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