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Sam Asghari On His Personal Life With Britney Spears: Read More

Britney Spears has been living an amazing life with her fiancé Sam Asghari. Britney has always been quite open about her relationship but now Sam has decided to share a few things.

Britney was under a conservatorship for thirteen years and she was finally released in November of last year. Since then, Britney and Sam’s romance knows no bounds. Sam has given fans a little insight into his personal life with Britney. Although Sam is engaged to a multimillionaire music star Britney Spears, he claimed recently that he is a ‘normal person.’ Sam, an actor as well as a personal trainer, who spoke to GQ about his life with Spears, says his days are just like everyone else’s.

He said, “I’m not a househusband. I’m a normal person. So I do a lot of shopping because sometimes I require specific things when it comes to diet.” Sam also mentioned that he avoids all sugar and follows a very strict wellness routine. But even though he follows a very ‘specific’ diet, Sam stays away from Erewhon, a celebrity favourite health food store because of its high prices. “I don’t want to spend $200 on something that I can buy for $60,” he added.

Sam continues, “I am careful with money because I do want to build a future for my children. If you came to this country, you came with a purpose. You don’t come here to goof around.” Asghari’s sternness might as well surprise fans since he is going to marry Spears but he did address the fact that they balance their spending by ‘trading off who pays for dinner,’ as they don’t have a ‘joint account.’ Sam also shared that he and Spears have taken several tropical trips, where they generally prefer to take their private jet.

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Sam explained, “We do travel a lot, and I am dating a girl that’s very expensive.” He added, “She has an expensive taste, but I do try to incorporate my lifestyle into her as well, and if it was up to me, we would cut down on the travelling and stay at a much cheaper hotel, and we would probably live off of $60 a day.” Sam also shared that he follows a limited budget since it’s all that he can afford and being with someone who is wealthier than him is not a problem since they live life “fair and square.”

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