Ryan Reynolds Sold Mint Mobile-What Is His Current Net Worth?

The Deadpool actor made a huge fortune by selling his stake in Mint Mobile for a whopping $1.3 billion.

Ryan Reynolds recently sold his company Mint Mobiles for a whopping $1.3 billion. The news of his successful business venture made headlines and fans are wondering how much his net worth has increased. Apart from being a successful businessman, he is also known to be a great actor, a perfect husband, and a loving father. With back-to-back box office success Ryan has made quite a fortune and done some great business investments.

Ryan made headlines and showed his entrepreneurial skills when he announced that T-Mobile will be buying Mint Mobiles for $1.3 Billion. Being one of the biggest investors in the company, As per the reports by People, Ryan owns 20-25% of the company which he acquired in 2019. If the reports are correct then the Marvel hero is in for a big payday once the deal is done. Apart from his shares in the mobile company he also owns a part of Aviation Gin and a football team in Wales with Rob McElhenny.

Fans are speculating about the actor’s net worth due to his business success.

Ryan’s net worth is yet to be updated after the deal with T-Mobile, before the deal the actor’s net worth was at about $150 million according to Parade. The exact amount that the actor would get is still unclear but if the reports are correct and he owns a 20-25% stake in the company then the amount can reach up to $300 million.

Ryan may be able to surpass his fellow marvel heroes after the deal is finalized, as of now the wealthiest actors in MCU heroes are Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Douglas, with a net worth of $300 and $350 million respectively as the reports by SCMP.

The actor made his debut on October 21, 1993, with the movie called Ordinary Magic. The Deadpool star has worked in more than 50+ movies and became the talk of the town with his work in Van Wilder. The actor has become a fan-favorite, with more than 30+ years of experience in the business he has tried his hand in almost every genre like romantic comedies, horror, teen shows and comic book movies, and action thrillers.