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After Nickayla Rivera Ryan Dorsey Addresses The Claims Of Both Living Together

After Nickayla Rivera Ryan Dorsey has addressed the rumors of both living together since Naya's unfortunate death. Read more

After Nickayla Rivera Ryan Dorsey has addressed the rumors of both living together since Naya’s unfortunate death. The actor has nothing but kind words for Naya Rivera‘s sister Nickayla.

Ryan Dorsey Addresses The Speculations Of Living With Late Wife’s Sister Nickayla

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On Tuesday, actor Ryan Dorsey, 37, opened up about his family, sharing in a 12-minute video on his Instagram how Nickayla Rivera, 25, during hard time, supported him and his 5-year-old son Josey, whom he shared with Naya.

Reflecting on the consequences of Rivera ‘s death, during this tough period, Dorsey found himself “lucky” to ″have family on both sides who support and who have helped out tremendously″

″And to have a young woman who is his blood and tití, who is willing to put her life on hold and sacrifice things, uproot her situation for the betterment of your child so when you put your child to bed, you don’t always have to be alone with your thoughts,″ he added.

″You don’t have to be sad every day and night, wondering when does it get better,″ Dorsey further said. ″At least you have someone there with you to talk to, or just sit in silence and be sad with. You don’t have to deal with it completely alone.″

Naya’s body was discovered on July 13 at Lake Piru in Ventura, California, five days after she went missing with his son Josey in the water during a boat ride.

The cause of death of the Glee star was identified as drowning and an accident was found to be the manner of death.

Dorsey disclosed in his video that in recent months, he ″probably lost a little over 20 pounds.”

“I don’t get good sleep. I’m sad every day,” he revealed. “I go to sleep sad. Every night, I’m staring at the ceiling and … I think to myself how lucky I am to still have my mom, to have her help out in my life still, and then I think about how [Josey] won’t have that same opportunity in his future. It makes me beyond sad.”

Dorsey about his son also said that his son, who had been swimming with Rivera before she went missing, “witnessed a nightmare right before his eyes.”

“When you know that he’s so smart and … he knows that even when they find her, that she’s not coming home, it’s sad,” Dorsey continued. “And when you’re with him every day … to go through this nightmare, it’s sad.”

Talking about how difficult it is for Josey to process the incident, as he had been swimming with Rivera before she died, and “witnessed a nightmare right before his eyes.”  

Meanwhile on Monday, in an Instagram Story post, Nickayla opened up about being there for Josey, writing, ″In the darkest time of my life, the only thing that is important is my friends & family. Showing up for my nephew even though I can’t show up for myself.″

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″Im not concerned with the ways things look because no one can see each agonizing moment we all endure,” the model went on. “What matters most I’ve learned, is to show compassion, not to judge others and never take a moment for granted. I hope you all can do the same.”

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