Rules Set By Selena Gomez Post Break Up With Ex Justin In 2014

An interesting and unknown bit of fact coming out now is that before their permanent breakup, there were certain rules set by Selena Gomez post breakup with ex Justin in 2014.

Everyone is totally very much aware of the very publicized, famous and quite the whirlwind romantic love story between this really globally prominent hollywood ex couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. but what no one knows here is that, apparently, before finally calling it quits in 2018, there were rules set up by Selena Gomez post break up with ex Justin in 2014.

Indeed a totally sizzling and turbulent torrid love story between Justin and Selena started right from 2011 and then became renowned not only for their songs but also their on and off affair in which they both had been dating each other for several years before permanently breaking up with each other three years back in 2018 and now the #Selenators and #Jelena fans on social media and across the globe would be really surprised to know about the rules set up by Selena Gomez post break up with ex Justin in 2014.

This is an unknown fact coming out now that even before their final and permanent breakup, certainly enough there had been rules set up by Selena Gomez post break up with ex Justin in 2014.

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The former Disney star turned globally prominent pop star, Hollywood actress, entrepreneur and song writer who is making her fans go wow with her latest and first ever Spanish single Baila Conmigo and the What Do You Mean (2015) fame globally loved pop star Justin Bieber were first linked up together back in 2011 and since that moment itself they both have dated in an on and off pattern till many years before finally calling it off with each other in 2018.

Whilst today both of them have successfully moved on in their lives with Justin being married to super model and socialite Hailey Baldwin and Selena being happily single, its true that in one of her earlier interviews of 2020 with a leading digital news publication, when speaking about her totally volatile relationship with Justin, Selena told, “It’s dangerous to stay in a victim mentality…And I’m not being disrespectful, I do feel I was a victim to certain abuse”.

Explaining in details about the emotional abuse that she went through during her relationship with Justin, she also noted that she had “to find a way to understand it as an adult” and then she has “found a way to just walk through it with as much grace as possible” where her super hit single Lose You To Love Me (2020) helped her in moving on with her life from all the painful and difficult experiences that she endured and went through because of Justin.

According to a leading digital hollywood entertainment magazine, back in 2014, after breakup with Justin, Selena’s rule was that any one that worked with her could not go by the name Justin and that time she had few crew members with that name and they all were given different pseudonyms and monikers during that difficult breakup phase. Aside from this, Selena’s other rules when on global tours include having chicken pot pie and pickles along with a few other not too hard to obtain items.