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Robert Pattinson Spills Beans On Not Using His Real Voice In Movies

In one of his earlier interviews back in 2019 with a global entertainment podcast portal, Robert Pattinson spills beans on not using his real voice in movies.

Certainly, it won’t be wrong to say that the hunk and heartthrob Hollywood star Robert Pattinson has had a really interesting career since he has starred in some of the biggest franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight but it was the super successful Twilight film franchise (2008 – 2012), that catapulted him to the stardom and he went on to become an iconic Hollywood global star. In one of his earlier interviews, Robert Pattinson spills beans on not using his real voice in movies.

His character Edward Cullen’s chemistry with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) was loved and adored by fans globally so much that they were really shocked with the news of their breakup and split in reality back in 2013 which has left a huge impact on film aficionados and movie buffs as they want to see this hit onscreen couple together again. But in his old tete a tete conversational interview, Robert Pattinson spills beans on not using his real voice in movies.

Post Twilight, broadening his horizons and bandwidth as a versatile star, he did a lot of critically acclaimed indie films and now finally he is at the peak of his career with yet another huge franchise with his upcoming film titled The Batman and throughout his entire career, his fans and netizens have always been starstruck since he has successfully been ruling on their hearts and also captured their attention especially with his impressive range and his vocal range particularly has always kept his fans guessing. Speaking in more details on same, in one of his old interviews back in 2019, Robert Pattinson spills beans on not using his real voice in movies.

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In his old interview with a leading global entertainment podcasting portal back in 2019, opening up on how rapping helped him to develop his American accent, Robert had said, “I think, especially with American accents, I – it was probably definitely from singing and also – and I did genuinely really want to be a rapper when I was a kid. And so that – and, like, and I used to obsessively listen to that and all the kind of ’90s and early 2000s rap records. They always used to have these kind of interludes with little skits on the album. And I remember, like, me and my friends after school would always try and record those, make her own little ones of those”.

Explaining in depth about why he can’t really use his real voice in movies, ‘The Batman’ fame Hollywood trailblazing star Robert shared, “And still to this day, I mean, whenever I’m doing a movie or a character in an English accent, I mean, I find – I literally feel like I’m naked. And I can’t – I’m incapable of doing my normal voice in a character. It just doesn’t come out at all. It’s – every single time I read something, the first thing to change is – has something to do with my voice. It kind of – it just does it naturally. And I think there’s – I find a kind of deep pleasure in doing accents as well”.

Particularly explaining about why he loved developing his accent for The Lighthouse movie, Robert had confessed, “Especially something like The Lighthouse where, I mean, the more you practice it, there’s just certain syllables that are really fun. It’s really satisfying to say. And it’s kind of – when you’re trying to get something to sound right, it’s like tuning guitar strings”.

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