Robert Downey Jr To Produce Series For DC Comics Isn’t A Marvel Betrayal

Iron Man star and his wife Susan Downey are soon going to produce a live-action eight-episode adaptation of the DC Comics / Vertigo series titled Sweet Tooth that will be launched on Netflix.

Considering what you might have learned from some of the internet’s less than trustworthy corners, Robert Downey Jr. is not ditching Marvel for DC. For the guy who introduced the MCU, it would be quite the dramatic about-face, but it’s just not what’s happening. Here’s how the rumor started.

The study also suggests that Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Adeel Akhtar, and Will Forte will be starring as the show’s narrator in the series with James Brolin giving his voice.

Downey and his wife Susan are bringing out a new series for Netflix based on Jeff Lemire’s comic book series Sweet Tooth, which happens to be released by DC. It is the story of a hybrid dog-boy called Gus living in a post-apocalyptic setting. It sounds pretty amazing, and there’s nothing in the DCEU to do with Superman, Batman, or something else.

And when you look at Downey ‘s relationship with Marvel’s current status it’s actually great. He will appear in Black Widow when it finally makes it to theaters, and given the events of Endgame, we haven’t yet seen the last of him as Tony Stark.

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And it’s also looking more and more likely that in future movies and/or TV shows, Downey could return to the MCU. It was announced last month that he dropped his asking price for an expected return after his first major post-Endgame movie, Doolittle flopped.

The success and glory that has come in the way for Robert Downey Jr. are unquestionably through Marvel Studios and it is not the superhero is now going to the competing company, DC Comics, or betraying anyone.