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Riverdale Star Camila Spills Beans About Riverdale Cast’s Groupchat

In a recent interview with a leading global entertainment portal, Riverdale (2017 - present) fame Hollywood star Camila Mendes spills beans on Riverdale cast's groupchat.

From becoming overnight sensational and globally loved TV stars to having countless failed relationships, we all know about how much CW’s Riverdale (2017 – present) cast has been together by being tight knit and maintained their friendships as well. In a recent interview, Riverdale star Camila spills beans about Riverdale Cast’s whatsapp groupchat.

This is true that the entire cast of Riverdale has a text groupchat and recently itself, Riverdale star Camila spills beans about Riverdale Cast’s groupchat.

Off the screen and behind the scenes, they all have ended up developing and strengthening a really deep friendship with each other and sharing more details on same, Riverdale star Camila spills beans about Riverdale Cast’s groupchat.

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In her recent interview to a renowned entertainment digital magazine, Camila Mendes opening up on how the main cast of Riverdale starring KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Charles Melton and Madelaine Petsch have a common cast groupchat wherein they share everything right from funny videos to personal problems and so on, Camila said, “I wouldn’t say we FaceTime a lot because we are around each other so much, so there’s really no need. Our group text is active. There’s a lot of TikToks being sent back and forth. We’re always texting each other when personal things happen. We very much lean on each other”.

Mentioning about how she’s closest to Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch from the entire Riverdale cast primarily and also sharing about Lili’s sleep talking habit, Camila explained, “Lili makes a lot of noise when she sleeps. Like, she’s a sleep talker. She told me this because she downloaded an app where you can record yourself sleeping and see if you say anything — Lili played some for Madelaine and me, and we were dying of laughter. She, like, mumbles so much, and that’s something I never knew until this season”.

Also whilst filming season 5 of Riverdale, the entire cast also took a hiking trip together and on her official instagram handle, mentioning about same, in a March 2020 post before lockdown, Camila had posted a series of pictures and video clips from a hiking trip that she took with KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Charles Melton and Drew Ray Tanner whereby in one video, Drew and Cole end up dancing to Mariah Carey’s fantasy and in another one, we see how Charles bends down in order to feed their dogs treats whilst KJ runs through pretending to be one of the canines.

Camila and Charles did date each other for a while as did Cole and Lili but from the hiking trip pictures we can definitely say that they all are not letting their romantic history play an obstacle to hinder their friendships.

For people who are unaware, Riverdale is going to come back with new episodes in July 2021 and currently is airing on CW along with being in its mid-season hiatus with last new episode that aired on 31st March 2021. This break is a result delays that have been caused by the pandemic and the cast’s social media posts indicate about them all filming rest of the season 5 in Vancouver.

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