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Remarkable Facts About Michael Jackson

We are here to tell you some interesting facts about the dancing legend Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was the one among very few entertainers who were loved all over the world. His death was a shock for the world as we all felt sad about his demise. Today we will get to know some amazing and remarkable facts about the global entertainer.

Let us take a look at 5 remarkable facts about Michael Jackson

1. Michel Jackson made it in the Guinness Book of World Record for being the highest-paid entertainer on a global level. Michael Jackson’s annual net worth was nearly $1 Billion. He also earned various copyrights of different Beatles songs.

2. Michael Jackson had a very big helping and generous heart. He inspired a lot of junior as well as senior artists like Justin Bieber, Madonna, Whitney Houston, etc. He won millions of hearts with his helping and caring nature.

3. In one of the interview, Michael admitted that he had a very bad childhood and he was very terrified of his father, He would even fall sick looking at his father’s anger. But Michael thanks his father for giving him life lessons about discipline.

4. At just the age of 6, Michael Jackson started performing with his brothers. The strip club was the first place where Michael performed.

5. It was Motown in 1983 where Michael performed his famous move ‘Moonwalk’ for the first time in front of around 47 million audiences.

Being a fan of MJ we all still miss him and his dancing moves.

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