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Rebel Wilson REVEALS About Her Struggle Being An Emotional Eater

Rebel Wilson has candidly spoken about her struggle being an emotional eater and how it has helped her stick hard to a fitness plan. Read below to know more.

Rebel Wilson is considered one of the promising Hollywood actresses and she has been rocking her best body yet, but she is still not at the weight she wants to be at. The actress said that she had to work hard on her mind as well as fitness, as she confessed that she is an ‘emotional eater’.

Rebel Wilson is considered to have her best year yet ever health-wise, even when the coronavirus quarantine gave her a slight hiccup on the road. The 40-year old actress’ New Year’ resolution was to make 2020 her ‘Year of Health’ and recently she revealed how things are going on for her in the past six months. She admitted, “It’s hard!”

Wilson further added, “I theme my years, last year was the year of love and yeah that didn’t work out. So I was determined that this year is the year is health and I’m determined to succeed in this mission.”

In terms of health at least, it is Rebel’s responsibility to keep working hard and remain focused. Unlike finding love, where someone else needs to make that goal a success. Rebel said, “It’s been going really good, it’s tough. I’m not only working on the physical side but I am working on the emotional side.” 

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Although she admitted that going through lockdown was a challenge because she tends to eat when she is feeling stressed. Poking fun into the conversation, the actress said, “I’m a bit of an emotional eater. So I’ve been trying to work on my mind, listen to a lot of podcasts about it and trying to learn and grow. Because it is half in your mind as well. It’s been going well though. Hopefully by the end of this pandemic I’ll be ripped.”

Rebel has been quite vocal about her struggle with eating and that surely is a bold move.

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