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Rebel Wilson On How She Lost Over 60 Lbs To Reach Her Goal Weight

Rebel Wilson shares how she lost over 60 lbs to reach her goal weight. The actress has recently lost some weight and is glowing with positivity.

Actress Rebel Wilson has stunned everyone with her amazing transformation. Taking to Instagram, the 40-year old spilled the beans on her inspiring weight loss journey. She also revealed that she has reached her goal of ‘just under 75 kgs’.

On her Instagram Live session, Rebel candidly spoke about her weight loss journey and called it the “Rebel triangle of health.” Explaining the same, the Aussie actress said that she focused on three different areas during her transformation: physical, nutritional, and emotional.

Speaking of the physical area of change, Wilson said that the best tip would be to get out and take a walk. She’s lucky to have found professional help but the majority of the change happened due to the walking.

Continuing it, the actress then revealed the nutritional aspect. Rebel said that she avoided stress eating every day. She even set her calorie intake to 2,500 per day. She placed emphasis on having 2-3 liters of water daily.

As for her emotional area, Rebel tried the purge writing that her doctor suggested to her. During this time, she sat down for 12 minutes to write for cleansing her emotions. It helped her process her emotions to a great extent.

Thus, in the past year, Rebel Wilson has lost over 60 lbs weight to reach her goal weight of under 75 kgs. Her story is truly inspirational to many.  

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