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Reasons why you should watch Terminator: Dark Fate

Every movie has something unique and eye-grabbing which is somewhere the reason to watch it. Here are some reasons why you should watch Terminator: Dark Fate.

If you’ve seen one Terminator movie, you’ve seen them all. Well, maybe that’s not true, but the first one is still the only necessary Terminator movie in my book. And everything since — save for maybe the underrated, Anton Yelchin-as-Michael Biehn spectacular Terminator Salvation — have just reworked the same idea. The latest installment, the retconning reboot-sequel (or legacy sequel) Terminator: Dark Fate, is entertaining enough, but it’s also more of the same for better or worse thematically and structurally.

Sarah Connor is back- The whole “died from leukemia” bit in the third movie was kind of a copout it felt like but at the same time, it did explain her absence. But this time around she’s back and she’s not taking any flak off of anyone, especially the Terminators. It’s going to be awesome, let’s just leave it at that.

Skynet is still very much alive and attempting to change the future– You would think that the resistance would have wiped out Skynet by now but one thing you’ve got to realize is that the software that’s been around since the end of the first movie has already been taking the machines in the direction that will bring about judgment day. This is an inevitability since humanity is constantly at war with itself and will continue to find new and effective ways to kill each other. Skynet is just tidying up the mess.

Tim Miller is directing- If you don’t know who the guy then looks him up and you’ll see he’s done a few movies at this point, most notably the Dead-pool movie. Just because of that you know that he’s got what it takes to direct an action movie, though what he’ll do with this film is no doubt going to be influenced by Cameron.

Linda Hamilton- Linda vigorously trained for the role to get the same intimidating presence she had in the early 90s. The chance to come back to the franchise must have been quite a thrill for her, and fans are hopeful that all of that will show on screen this November.

James Cameron is an executive producer on the movie- The man himself is finally coming back to oversee the project that he started and it’s a glorious day for many moviegoers and fans since the first two movies were amazing and kept us on the edge of our seats, while everything after that was just way too predictable.

This film will connection to T2: Judgment Day- Like I said in the first point the other three are going to be treated like they never happened. You could say that they’re part of an alternate timeline, one that got wiped out when the humans started mucking around in the past, whatever. The point is that this coming movie will have more to do with the past movie and none at all with the other three.

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