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Priyanka Chopra Reveals What Nick Jonas Love About Her

Priyanka Chopra reveals to her how much he admired her ambitious attitude during his proposal. Read to know more.

At their LA estate, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are currently quarantining together and we haven’t seen much of that pair. Just, the very fortunate for us, the cover of the actress ‘Tattler magazine has been published and we could not keep our eyes off it.

 The actor just spoke about what Nick likes most about her in an interview with the magazine and you won’t guess what it is. Priyanka particularly revealed how unbelievably impressed Nick Jonas was with her ambitious side. We liked how the actress even implied this was linked to their proposal.

Talking about how Nick proposed to her in Crete, Priyanka told the magazine, “One of the first things he said to me when he proposed was how much he loved my ambition. That was not something I was used to hearing from guys. In fact, it’s something that most people I’ve come across have been a little wary of.”

Due to their successful individual careers, Priyanka and Nick is considered to be a power pair, PeeCe also shared how they admire each other’s careers and are intensely centered when it comes to it. She added, “He gets really excited when I come in with the business to talk about over dinner.”

As for the global pandemic, Priyanka and Nick have donated to the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic through many charities. Among many others, they have contributed to organizations such as the PM-CARES Fund, Unicef, Feeding America, and Goonj.

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