Prince Harry Is Taking Legal Action Against Rupert Murdoch. Deets Inside!

Prince Harry is suing Murdoch's News Group Newspapers at the High Court in London for multiple unlawful acts allegedly committed on behalf of its tabloids.

Once again, Prince Harry finds himself setting legal matters in motion as he is taking Rupert Murdoch to court over breaches of privacy, including illegal phone tappings of the royal family and publishing incriminating articles against him. Since the 1990s, there has been an increase in complaints made about New Group Newspapers.

Prince Harry’s lawsuit couldn’t have come at a worse time for the royal family. Days before the coronation, the royal family is trying to make it without drawing more controversy. While the Duke of Sussex’s legal team tries to pursue the case with pure enthusiasm, Prince William has declined to comment on the ongoing legal proceedings.

Prince Harry’s legal team says there was a secret agreement between NGN executives and Prince William for a very large sum. An exposition of this settlement was provided to the court by the Duke of Sussex.

Despite meeting top nerve at News UK, Prince Harry has not received an apology from the royal family and is pursuing legal action against NGN on behalf of it’s Sun and now defunct News out of the World tabloids. He’s charging them of hacking phone and obtaining personal information about Meghan Markle, including him social security number.

Rupert Murdoch is gearing up to avoid litigation at all costs and is doing his best to suppress it. Reporter Clive Goodman, who covered the royal family for the News of the World, was found guilty of illegally accessing voice messages from the royal family. He said that he used to work alone and had no connection with the news agency.

According to several reports, the scandal that followed cost Murdoch’s media empire more than $1.24 billion. The media mogul recently spent more than $700 million to settle a defamation case against Fox News.

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