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Pop Singer Miley Cyrus Has A Burrito Named After Her

Currently enjoying the success of her latest album, Plastic Hearts which became a global hit, Pop Singer Miley Cyrus has a burrito named after her thanks to Chipotle.

Ever since Miley’s latest album Plastic Hearts (November, 2020) has been getting loads of love, accolades and critical acclaims wherein two of her songs Midnight Sky and Prisoner debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts at Numbers 14 and 54 and the album debuted at number 2 on Billboard Hot 200 and was at the number one position on the Billboard Top Rock Albums Charts, she has been on a roll and apart from reveling in the success of her latest album becoming a hit globally, Miley is yet again in the limelight but for an exciting reason this time around where her fans might get happy on knowing that Pop singer Miley Cyrus has a burrito named after her.

This is a really interesting and most happening scoop of the day where the 28 years old renowned Hollywood singer and globally loved starlet / pop singer Miley Cyrus has a burrito named after her.

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Everyone in the world knows about the very famous food brand Chipotle which is loved by people from all age groups, wherein this brand certainly knows and has the talented knack of tapping into their audiences, customers and netizen’s interests and currently that interest at the moment is their limitless love for Hannah Montana (Disney Channel, 2006 – 2011) fame bonafide ace pop singer and also a Hollywood film actress Miley Cyrus.

Recently, there has been an ongoing TikTok trend in love and honor of Miley’s latest album Plastic Hearts, where many TikTok users and people commented saying that, “If Miley Cyrus Comments x, I’ll do x”.

Like this one user named @domi.espo.03 on TikTok commented, “@mileycyrus has been commenting on everyone stuff so why not lol if not someone give me tattoo ideas #fyp #mileycyrus #foryoupage #tattoos #tattoo ♬ Plastic Hearts – Miley Cyrus”. On this Miley replied back with a skull emoji.

Miley who doesn’t miss out on having a good time even on social media apps, has been making all her fans really happy and is keeping them satisfied by actually taking her time out and replying to these posts and telling them each and every single thing right from what to name their children to what tattoos should they get inked.

One fan named @elblakee wrote, “@mileycyrus i’m serious #fup ♬ Plastic Hearts – Miley Cyrus”. On this, Miley answered, “how about the time and place of our first date?”.

After this, Chipotle, being the number one hip burrito fast food chain in all around the world which it is, decided to also jump on the “If Miley comments” viral hashtag bandwagon by just posting a video yesterday to their TikTok account wherein someone was seen holding up a burrito with Miley’s name on it.

Chipotle’s caption on their TikTok video wherein they tagged Miley Cyrus read, “If Miley Cyrus comments we’ll make a Miley burrito in our app. @chipotle – @mileycyrus down? #chipotle #burrito #mileycyrus ♬ TO THE TOP – Mat Cache”.

On this she definitely did comment, “only if you name it, the Guac is extra, but so is Miley burrito…”

Post this, Chipotle, named a burrito after Miley Cyrus and she even took to her social media to inform her fans about the same and wrote, “Everyone, meet the ‘Guac Is Extra But So Is Miley Burrito’ available now in the app”. This is a veg burrito so the guacamole is not as extra as the name says.

This burrito is also Miley’s actual Chipotle order so now that the Pop queen has one named after her, even her fans across the globe can enjoy and munch on the deliciousness the same way just like their queen does.

Source: Chipotle Instagram. they posted Miley’s twitter screenshot in their post on Instagram.

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