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Peacock Apologizes For Selena’s Kidney Transplant Related Jokes

The raging controversy is in no mood to stop as after getting bashed by the netizens for making fun of Selena's kidney transplant in their series Saved By The Bell, Peacock apologizes for Selena's kidney transplant related jokes.

Selena’s global fandom got furious and unleashed their rage and ire on Twitter where they trended the hashtag #RespectSelenaGomez as they saw the cruel and unfair jokes being made on their favorite singer’s kidney transplant that happened 3 years back in 2017 and now after this chaos and bashing on social media, Peacock apologizes for Selena’s kidney transplant related jokes.

It so happened that in the series Saved By The Bells reboot version, specifically more so in the season 1 episode 6 there is a scene that shows two Bayside high school students still trying to speculate about Selena’s kidney donor’s identity despite Selena’s official and public statement globally of having received the kidney from her close friend Francia Raisa and after this scene got much discussed and talked about on social media, it spread like fire on Twitter and then hell broke loose where fans literally slammed and trolled this series and its makers and also got the hashtag #RespectSelenaGomez trending on Twitter and after facing the consequences of their actions by the fans and netizens, Peacock apologizes for Selena’s kidney transplant related jokes.

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The dialogues of both the students in that episode scene went like, “I know for a fact that Selena Gomez’s kidney donor was Justin Bieber’s mom. God, I wish that I had my phone so that I could prove it”. On this her friend, the other student says, “Prove what?”. The first student, then quips, “That you’re an idiot? It was Demi Lovato’s kidney. They’re best friends, like you and I were”.

In another scene from same series, a graffiti on the school’s wall is shown where it is clearly written, “Does Selena Gomez even have a kidney?”

Now when things have turned serious and grave, the makers Peacock, NBC Universal along with their executive producers apologized severely for the references made in the series in their statement given to a leading digital international entertainment portal.

Their statement read, “We apologize. It was never our intention to make light of Selena’s health. We have been in touch with her team and will be making a donation to her charity, The Selena Gomez Fund for Lupus Research at USC”.

Even after this officially issued apology statement, Selena’s team and representatives didn’t respond straightaway and immediately.

The said episode 6’s official synopsis is that Bayside High student’s phones are taken away and confiscated by the school post which they don’t have any official source confirming their news regarding the important discussions in lieu to pop culture.

Three years back in 2017, Selena confessed honestly of having undergone through a kidney transplant surgery due to her deadly disease lupus diagnosis, which she made public and officially known two years back in 2015 and for which she was previously undergoing the exhaustive chemotherapy.

Further she also spoke about how during this time period, in 2016, she stepped away from the spotlight and music scene as a result of the mental health concerns regarding her diagnosis.

Previously also Selena has clearly told about how she really wanted to come forward with her illness to spread awareness of the autoimmune disease and become an advocate.

Let’s see some of the best tweets with #RespectSelenaGomez on twitter –

Source: Cool Julian Twitter. He has bashed the makers for their inhumane way of joking about Selena’s kidney transplant.
Source: Karla Sring Twitter. She came out in support of Selena and trolled the makers brutally for insensitive jokes.
Source: Selena charts br Twitter. She has insulted the show and its makers for the bad and offending jokes on Selena’s kidney transplant.

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