Oprah’s Father Vernon Winfrey Passes Away At Age 88

Vernon, a barber and businessman in Nashville, died on Friday after a battle with cancer. On Saturday, media mogul Oprah, Vernon’s daughter, 68, paid tribute to her father.

Oprah posted a video on Instagram and wrote, “Vernon Winfrey 1933-2022. Less than a week ago we honoured my father in his own backyard. My friend and gospel singer Wintley Phipps saluted him with a song. He FELT the love and revelled in it until he could no longer speak.” She continued, “Yesterday with family surrounding his bedside I had the sacred honour of witnessing the man responsible for my life, take his last breath.”

She added, “We could feel Peace enter the room at his passing. That Peace still abides. All is well. Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts.” On July 4, Monday, Oprah celebrated the 4th of July by throwing her father a special surprise party. Oprah stated in a video posted on her Instagram that, while she was throwing a backyard BBQ, the main objective of the event was to celebrate Vernon Winfrey Appreciation Day.

Oprah wrote in her Instagram post, “Giving my father his ‘flowers’ while he’s still well enough to smell them. Happy 4th of July as you gather with your family and friends. Remember to celebrate each other.” Oprah added in the caption, “My father is ill and so we wanted to be able to have all of his friends come and celebrate him while he’s able to receive the joy,” she explained in the video, displaying the banner in her father’s honour behind her.

When asked if her father was “excited” about the event by her closest friend Gayle King, Oprah said, “He doesn’t even know this is for him. He thinks it’s a Fourth of July thing. He doesn’t know… He’s gonna walk out and see everything.” She finished the clip by showing her father enjoying the event at a location he was familiar with. “My dad is a barber, so we put him in the barber chair,” she explained as she showed her father sitting across the yard. Vernon was a member of Nashville’s Metro City Council for 16 years and a Tennessee State University trustee.
May his soul rest in peace.

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