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Omg! This Is How Britney Spears Broke Her Foot

The pop-star shot her foot in a "full throttle" dance without any shoes on.

Britney Spears broke her ankle recently and took Instagram on Wednesday to let viewers see and hear the actual moment it happened.

In a yellow sports bra and a pair of black shorts, the “Baby One More Time” hitmaker rocked. She danced to the music, skipped around and made some spins as well as flipping some hair, dancing to the Kings of Leon song “Sex on Fire.”

the singer shared the video on Instagram with a caption that reads “I haven’t danced in six months so I was full throttle at this spot !!!!” she captioned the video of her dancing. “And yes …. I know I’m barefoot …. don’t laugh but I grip the floor better that way !!!! PS you can hear where I broke my foot here ….. sorry it’s kind of loud !!!!!”

All seems to go well until the very end of the clip, if you can just hear a pop and the singer crumbles to the ground, holding the foot.

Earlier this month, Spears ‘ boyfriend Sam Asghari posted on Instagram his heartfelt message for the “Toxic” singer “When you break something it tends to heal stronger especially when you’re my Girl,” he wrote. “my lioness broke her metatarsal bone on her foot doing what she loves which is dancing Wishing her the best recovery so she can jump, run, and dance her butt off.”

However, the singer now seems to feel better, as she has been positively documenting a recent tropical vacation. Spears stands in front of a church in one photo from the trip wearing white shorts and a pink crop-top.

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