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Olivia Rodrigo Has A Very ‘Strange’ Request For Her Fans

Before kicking off her Sour tour, Olivia Rodrigo said that she was 'stoked' to experience her music live with her fans.

Olivia Rodrigo has a request for her fans. The singer shared a message on Twitter, asking her followers who would be in attendance at a concert stop in Detroit, Michigan to wear ‘prom attire’ to celebrate opening act Gracie Abrams’ last night on the tour.

Rodrigo began her social media statement while saying, “You guys. I wanted to do a little something special for Gracie’s last show tmrw in Detroit.” The Grammy winner singer then asked, “Since it’s prom seasonnnn I thought maybe we could turn SOUR TOUR into SOUR PROM????” “Would u guys be down? Prom attire?”

Prior to kicking off her Sour tour, Rodrigo said that she was ‘stoked’ to experience her music live with her fans. “I’ve been in rehearsals like every day. It’s so much fun. I am just so excited to get on the road,” she said at the time. “It’s been kind of a weird experience, putting out my music in peak COVID where everyone’s so isolated from each other.”

She continues, “The music blew up, and I never got to actually experience that with real people.” “So, I’m so excited to see in real life, all the people that the music has affected and just sing and dance, and have so much fun with all these new friends. I’m really stoked.”

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