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Noah Schnapp Breaks Silence On His Ongoing Feud With Doja Cat

Things recently got a bit out of hand for Noah Schnapp as he shared his private DMs with Doja Cat and she slammed the actor for it but it looks like the two of them have finally made peace.

The Stranger Things actor made a major social media mishap earlier this month when he shared private messages from the GRAMMY-winning “Kiss Me More” singer, highlighting her obsession on his Stranger Things co-star, Joseph Quinn, and referred to her as “thirsty” in his post. Doja Cat blasted the 17-year-old actor on Instagram Live, stating she “didn’t feel comfortable” with his choice to make their talk public.

According to analytics data acquired by the Los Angeles Times, the entire transaction lost Doja Cat 200,000 Instagram followers. At the same time, Schnapp earned roughly one million Instagram followers and three million on TikTok. Doja Cat’s TikTok following stayed mostly unchanged. After apologising for his wrongdoing, Schnapp turned to TikTok on Wednesday to assure supporters that things are “all good” between himself and Doja Cat.

In a video set to the song “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat, Schnapp said, “Guys, everything is all good. I apologized and I still follow her and love her music. No hard feelings.” Quinn, the love interest at the core of the dispute, is currently relishing a significant moment of his own. This week, a fan’s touching dedication to the British actor, 29, at the London Film & Comic Con brought him to tears.

Even the legendary rock band Metallica have shown they are fans of Quinn’s character from Stranger Things, Eddie Munson, uploading a duet video with his spectacular “Master of Puppets” performance in the season finale of the programme. Quinn has already talked about how the Netflix series’ season 4 premiere saw the introduction of his character.

“It’s a completely overwhelming feeling,” he revealed to Entertainment Tonight earlier this month.” “It’s so lovely, like the devotion that fans have for this show and how they’ve found space in their heart for a new character… It’s just so heartwarming,” he added to the outlet. “The fact [that] we put it out there and it’s been so well received and, obviously, personally, like, for the character that I played, for people to be so welcoming, it feels like a big exhale.”

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