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Nikki Bella Shows Off Her Unfiltered Postpartum Body

Nikki Bella shared the pictures of her postpartum body on her social media. She admits she is still 18 pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight.

WWE star Nikki Bella and her boyfriend Artem Chigvinstev welcomed a baby boy on July 31. The couple is currently embracing parenthood. Taking to her IG account, Nikki Bella shared some raw photos of her postpartum body.

The pictures are unfiltered and Nikki isn’t shying away from showing off her body with millions of her followers.

The Total Bella stars also revealed that she is still 18 pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight.
Nikki said, “Sometimes in the spotlight, we truly don’t showcase how hard postpartum can be and the journey of getting your body back.”

She even shared a video of herself working out 5 weeks postpartum and admitted it is a really hard thing to do.

Nikki confessed to having a lot of pizza and baked food at the end of pregnancy. Hence, she now wants to go back to a healthy diet. She even got emotional at one point during the conversation as she spoke about changing her body.

Nikki Bella confessed to having used pregnancy as an excuse to indulge in unhealthy habits. She stopped working out and put the blame on COVID and a lot of heat in Arizona. She also mentioned, “Especially when it got hotter and I was sick of being locked up inside, I would just use pregnancy as an excuse a lot. I have to take full accountability. I’m not on the journey to lose 18 pounds in the healthiest way possible.”

The WWE star won’t start a crash diet because she is breastfeeding her son, Matteo. So, it is her aim to provide him with nutrition.

Well, the new mum is honestly glowing as a new mum. Nikki Bella is also inspiring others by sharing her postpartum body photos.

Alongside Nikki Bella, her twin sister Brie Bella also gave birth to a baby boy. Brie’s second baby is just one day younger to Nikki’s son.

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