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Niall Horan addresses romance rumors surrounding him and Selena Gomez

Niall Horan who recently sat down for an on-air interview with Australia’s 90.9, spoke addressed the romance rumours surrounding him and Selena Gomez and also revealed if he dating her.

After the various speculations that Niall Horam maybe more than friends with songstress Selena Gomez, He finally opened up about his relationship status. In a recent interview with an Australian radio station 90.9, he was questioned about his romance rumors between him and Selena. He asked his fans, “Do I have a girlfriend? No, I don’t.”

He also further explained to being “very much single, very much single” despite him showing love to Selena on various occasions. From sharing a pic with his arms over her face to calling her “an absolute sweetheart” on the Social, this proves that he has a lot of respect for the beauty, but as of now, they are just friends.

He also revealed how being friends with females while being in the spotlight can be hard as dating rumours begin no matter what the real situation is. He further revealed that how it doesn’t make a difference to people as if he is seeing someone or just friends with someone, is the media’s eyes he is going out. And that’s the most annoying part he claims as you can’t be friends with a female friend.

And even though the difficulty that comes with fame and dating, Niall revealed that he is currently focusing on his career now, but is still open to love if it comes his way. He said, “I’m focusing on the job at the minute but I mean, it’s not like you really ever go out of your way to properly look for it. If it comes to ya, it comes to ya and if something falls in your way or you meet someone or whatever, then fair enough.”

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