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New Zayn Malik Music Track “Hurt” Lyrics Leaks Online

‘Hurt’ was penned back in 2017 but recently leaked online, revealing Zayn's propensity for hard-hitting, heart-rending lyrics.

Whether the specific lyrics are about his girlfriend Gigi Hadid, whom he has been dating on and off since 2015 is unclear.

In the song, the former One Direction star sings: “You know me the best but you hurt me the worst. Every single thing you know about me is every single thing you use to only hurt.”  He goes on to sing in the catchy tune, which certainly should be released: “I know I should let go now (but I know, but I know), no one else feels like home, yeah.”

“You know just what to say to make me stay, make me stay. One more dose of the pain.”

Zayn’s ever-dedicated fans have protested about the leak online, angry on behalf of the artist that his work has been published without his consent.

Zayn’s new album, Icarus Falls 2018, didn’t go down well, only reaching a peak at UK No77. Yet in 2016, his album, Mind Of Mine, topped worldwide charts. There is hope for him to bring something best this year ahead.

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