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New Wolverine:This Thor Star Is Ready For The Titular Role

Wolverine has to be one of the most famous and popular characters of all times. Hugh Jackman brought this evergreen character to screen and the love he received was overwhelming.

New Wolverine? A Thor star wants to be the next Wolverine. But is Hugh Jackman’s story over?

His story is concluded. It is time for a new story and a new Wolverine.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a lot of amazing characters and amazingly versatile story arc. They have a variety of worlds and everyone more interesting than the other. Every die hard fan of the MCU would know most characters and many would also dislike their on screen portrayal.

One character that was above all and also satisfied them with onscreen portrayal was that of the Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the mutant was fan approved. Spanning over all of the X-Men movies and even its own franchise, his portrayal left little to be disappointed with.

Wolverine series earned a whopping 414 million at the box office. The movies concluded with him coming to terms with his immortality and the fact that it was fading.

Four years later Logan released and earned a staggering 619 million at the box office.  That movie bought Wolverine a satisfying end. Wolverine watched longtime friend Charles die and then he himself lost his life.

Hence when the his story ended even though satisfying, fans wanted more. Hence the reboot.

Wolverine Reboot

Now with the new reboot comes the opportunity for a new Wolverine. Many actors have thrown their names in the hat for this coveted role.

Out of those in the running, one has a special connection to the MCU.

Rumors have been circulating surrounding Rocketman star Taron Egerton taking the role, but a star of a previous Marvel Cinematic Universe has revealed his interest.

Thor Ragnarok had a scene featuring Luke Hemsworth, the real life brother of Thor Chris Hemsworth. In the movie, Luke played an eccentric version of Thor.

The actor is ‘Ready’ to play Wolverine as cited by the sources.

“I really loved Todd McFarlane’s ‘Spawn.’ And then ‘Batman’ – I would have fought Rob Pattinson for those gauntlets,” the Australian actor told a news portal during a recent interview.

“And Wolverine! I’m like, ‘Come on, just pass them on, mate. Let’s give it to another Aussie,” the classically trained Hemsworth joked.

“I will have to grow some chest hair, but I’m ready for Wolverine.”

After Nearly Two Decades Hugh Jackman is finally done playing the titular role.

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In 2015 he recommended Actor Tom Hardy of the Dark Knight rises for this coveted role

“I don’t want to make it too easy on the studio to replace me, I still have one more to do.”

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