‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3 Trailer Released: Watch

Netflix has released a teaser trailer for the third season of its smash high school comedy “Never Have I Ever”. The next season will have Devi, Paxton, everyone from high school, and a daring new character.

When Devi and Paxton (Darren Barnet) decide to make things official, Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) ventures into unknown territory in season 3 of the Netflix comedy, which premieres on Aug. 12. Their peers respond with a lot of shock and jealousy when they decide to test the waters romantically and in public. Devi and Paton joyfully enter school holding hands in the opening scene of the video as their classmates and instructors look on in disbelief at the unexpected turn of events.

Devi’s popularity has soared as she learns about her new romantic status. She is no longer the outsider. It is her. She has become the one who everyone despises as a result. Understandably, Devi and Paxton can’t stop holding hands as they make out everywhere they go. Devi expresses uncertainty as to why they are even together and recognizes that being in a relationship with Paxton’s abs doesn’t exactly fix all her issues.

Because she asks Paxton why he likes her so much when, on paper, they shouldn’t work at all, it raises a warning flag for him. Devi tells Paxton in the trailer, ‘No one else thinks we make any sense,’ to which he replies, ‘No, you don’t think we make any sense.’ Other than this, Ben is still in the picture and a new heartthrob, Des, who’s one of Devi’s mother’s friends’ “loser kids,” may shift her focus away from Paxton and other ongoing problems she’s bottled up inside. “Oh sh,” Devi exclaims as she sees Des for the first time. There’s definitely some trouble ahead.

Following the sophomore finale in July, co-creator Lang Fisher teased Devi’s path in the upcoming season and the challenges she’ll confront. “The biggest one is what’s Devi going to be like as an actual girlfriend in a real relationship with someone who’s much more experienced than she is?” Fisher told Entertainment Tonight. “This has been her dream for the entire series. On day 1 she’s like, ‘We’ve got to get boyfriends.'”

Lang Fisher added, “That’s all she’s wanted, and now she has one and he is the most popular boy in the school. What is that going to be like? Is it going to be the dream that she had always imagined it would be or will it be more complicated? And probably it will be more complicated than that. There are still these things to explore in terms of s*x and what do you do if you’re a nerd who’s done very little and you’re dating a much more experienced guy?”

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