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Netizens Slammed Netflix For Anti India Comedy Special

After watching the racist and insulting content on Netflix's @NetflisIsAJoke, Desi Netizens slammed Netflix for their anti India comedy special.

Stand Up Comedians are loved not only in India but also worldwide. But there is a big difference between doing comedy and directly insulting someone which is why they always have a very tight rope of morals and principles based on which they should create funny and humorous content that shouldn’t hurt any person, country or their religion and very sadly and disappointedly these are the two things that you won’t get to see in this said infamous video of a stand-up comedian who is a white person that is insulting India and its religion in it quite boldly and openly where she thought it’s a comedy but it is not which is why our desi Netizens slammed Netflix for anti-India comedy special.

Ace Indian stand up comedians like Vir Das, Sapan Verma, Zakir Khan, Abish Mathew, Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebestian and many more are loved and respected not only in India but also across the globe because of their funny yet sensible comedy content that doesn’t hurt any person or their religion where even they talk about sensitive topics but in a way that is funny yet sane and never with the intention to insult other communities for they always try their level best of entertaining their fans on social media and on their tours also their main motto is to create good clean comedy about the entire situation without sounding downright insulting and offensive to anyone and still being able to put their point across which is why comedy is not everyone’s cup of tea. But this time, the audiences and desi twitterverse could also see just how Netflix crossed their limits because of which later, the Netizens slammed Netflix for anti-India comedy special.

The idea of creating good comedy about the entire situation without sounding rude and abusive and still being able to effortlessly get the message across to their audiences are the two things that are not going to be seen in this very viral and now infamously slammed video where the Desi netizens slammed Netflix for its anti-India comedy special.

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On the recent comedy digital series @NetflixIsAJoke on Netflix, comedian Christina P’s stand up special was about how her mother got re married to an Indian man where by in the video she clearly insulted our country India and his mother’s husband’s religion by calling him with sentences like, “Diarrhoea, not cow boy, Indian” along with describing him as “seven eleven, not 9/11” also terming him as a “Temple of doom” and insulting his religion by mocking him with “Turbanator, Everyday”.

Honestly speaking, this is a very special and rare kind of talent of downrightly insulting and mocking a guy and his religion with approximately ten different names in a complete flow without any pauses that too in a 45 seconds video so hats off to her guts for this.

Obviously, with this video it seemed that she felt it was a very brave move of her to create a comedy around it since her audiences were laughing their hearts out on this which is unfortunately too sad enough to see that insulting a country and a guy’s religion for creating comic jokes to make people laugh is considered as a comedy when clearly it is not.

Let’s see some epic Twitter reactions where our Desi Netizens slammed Netflix for its anti-India comedy special –

Source: Keshav Kant Twitter. He also bashed Netflix for this anti India comedy special
Source: Aakriti Twitter. She also brutally bashed Netflix in her tweet.
Source: Edgar Allen Poha Twitter. He also mocked Netflix for the same.
Source: Matt Wein Twitter. He also trolled Netflix for their racist content that is insulting India through his tweet.
Source: Annie Twitter. She has also not liked Netflix for this insulting content which is anti India and has bashed them for same in her tweet.

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