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Things Fans Should Know About Netflix’s Sex Life Season 2

For fans who have been binge watching the first season of Netflix’s hit series Sex/Life, here are things fans should know about Netflix’s Sex Life season 2.

We all know this is true that ever since Netflix’s hottest raunchy series Sex Life has dropped a few weeks back on 25th June, its gotten all the netizens and fans talking about how much is the content more hotter and sensual in terms of intimate steamy scenes which has now made 50 Shades trilogy film series look really vanilla with fans claiming that Sex Life is actually better in terms of the storyline and content compared to FSOG film franchise so here we take a look at things fans should know about Netflix’s Sex Life season 2.

Ever since it has dropped on the global giant OTT streaming platform Netflix, its been dominating in the top 10 most watched series since 25th June and which makes sense since we know that many of netizens and audiences might have already binge watched this entire series after getting intrigued and piqued by looking at the trailer and so now we take thorough glance at things fans should know about Netflix’s Sex Life season 2.

After binge watching session of this series, we can say that its really hot and sexually raunchy with a lot of explicit content that has also come in with an absolute hint of a finale which is making many fans wonder as to when would they be getting the next installment of Sex/Life and so we see the things fans should know about Netflix’s Sex Life season 2.

Inspired and based on BB Easton’s novel titled 44 Chapters About 4 Men, the show actually is based and revolves around two main characters named Billie (Sarah Shahi) who takes a totally hot and sexually fantasized trip down the memory lane craving for more hot sex and that freedom which resonated her in her youth back then particularly with her former lover and ex Brad (Adam Demos) wherein we see how Billie then secretively starts penning down her experiences on her laptop which is unfortunately read by her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) which then drastically changes their life upside down.

As many people have already watched and have an accurate guess, it’s pretty raunchy.

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Possible plot of Sex/Life 2 – The plot and storyline of season 2 could be about the fact that not only has Billie’s marriage with Cooper hit a rough patch intimacy wise but on flip side, she is also is sexually attracted to her former lover Brad and by now even fans have understood that Billie and Brad still have undeniable sexual chemistry which can still be seen even after 8 years when compared to her intimacy with Cooper. It also could be that Billie genuinely and earnestly wants her to save their and make the marriage with Cooper work but when he actually attempts to spice up their dry and non-existent sex life, all she thinks about in her mind is Brad and their scorching hot chemistry.

The season one ended with Billie telling Brad that she wasn’t going to leave Cooper, but also wanted to bone him which is a totally dangerous territory and thin ice that she is treading on.

In a recent interview with a globally prominent entertainment digital publication, BB Easton has confirmed about a potential for a second season and opening up on this, she said, “There is a lot of talk about season two and I have high hopes just because of the response worldwide. It’s number one in the UK and it has been for a while, so I am very hopeful”.

Also opening up on how her life changed since writing her first book, BB Easton adds, “I kind of felt like I had written all there was to write about the story and the characters. But then I published the book and my life completely turned upside down”.

She also reveals, “My husband and I have had so many more adventures just navigating this new world and going to book signings, and all the experiences we have had with Netflix. So I have thought about writing another memoir about all of the funny and sexy things that have happened since that book came out. I would definitely want to keep it going”.

Sex/Life season 2 star cast – If there’s indeed a second season in offing, then surely we can expect the main cast to return which comprises of Billie (Sarah Shahi), Brad (Adam Demos), Cooper (Mike Vogel) and Sasha (Margaret Odette).

When can Sex/Life season 2 be out – Even though the global giant OTT streaming platform Netflix hasn’t yet said anything about the second season till now, but the show is currently ranking number one in UK, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the streaming giant gives a green signal for second season and if this actually happens, then there are severe chances that it won’t be premiering globally before the next year on Netflix.

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