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Netflix’s Hit Squid Game Is Estimated To Be Worth Almost $1.2 Billion

The global smash hit is estimated to gross $900 million despite costing less than $30 million to produce.

The hugely popular Korean show Squid Game is estimated to generate almost 900 million dollars in value for the company. According to the internal documents seen by Bloomberg, it is revealed that Squid Game cost 21.4 million dollars to produce. At around 2.4 million dollars an episode, that is considerably cheaper than other Netflix biggest hits. However, the internal Netflix documents also revealed that the show has generated 891 million dollars in ‘impact value.’ For unversed, ‘Impact Value’ is the metric that Netflix, which operates a subscription model, uses to gauge the financial importance of shows.

Meanwhile, it is expected that Squid Game will add a large number of subscribers. Squid Game has become a global smash hit. The TV show has created history by becoming the most-watched original show on Netflix with 132 million people watching for at least two minutes, surpassing the previous record-holder, Bridgerton, which was seen by 82 million people. At around $2.4 million an episode, Netflix is getting a very good return on its investment. Other Netflix series including, the crown and stranger things cost around 13 million dollars and 12 million dollars per episode, respectively.

According to the streaming giant, 89% of people who started squid game watched at least 75 minutes. Meanwhile, Bloomberg also reported that Netflix thinks 66% of viewers or 87 million people finished squid game netflix series in the first 23 days of it being online. Netflix did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But an attorney representing the streaming service told Bloomberg, “​​Netflix does not discuss these metrics outside the company.”

Netflix gained rewards from the pandemic in 2020, as people locked down in their homes binged on shows such as Tiger King. But 2021 has been more difficult for the company as governments lifted restrictions and people have found other things to do than watch TV. Yet, the financial markets have warmed to Netflix in recent weeks, largely due to the success of series like squid game. Additionally, the shares of Netflix are up more than 6% over the last month. The company is due to report its third-quarter earnings on Tuesday.

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Sophie Lund-Yates, equity analyst at broker Hargreaves Lansdown recently stated that “As always, the key number we’ll be watching out is for subscriber growth. The group’s ability to pump out big-hitting content like ‘Squid Game’ may well be moving the dial on this front, but we do wonder what the reopening of the world will have meant for growth.” The South Korean TV show (squid game imdb rating 8.2) has is about a brutal contest in which highly indebted people compete to win a huge cash prize. The contestants play a number of kids’ games but get killed if they lose. However, squid game netflix release date was 17 September worldwide and squid game original language is Korean.

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