Netflix’s ‘AlRawabi School For Girls’ Confirmed For SEASON 2- Everything You Need To Know!

After the immense success of season 1, Netflix has confirmed SEASON 2 of the High- school series. Read to know more!

This Arabic original became a regional hit after its release on streaming giant Netflix in August 2021, urging the makers to come up with another season. For the unversed, the series revolves around the lives of high school girls and the highs and lows of their adolescence. The series was lauded by many, apart from its interesting storyline, for depicting some of the evils of society, like bullying and social alienation, topics that are considered too sensitive for people to explore!

After the immense success of the first season, the makers and the actors of the dramas received immense love from audiences across the globe and with that, Netflix has officially announced another season, although the release date is yet to be known! The news of the second season was creatively shared as a letter submitted to the administration of the school. “We look forward to welcoming you back to AlRawabi School for Girls,” the letter reads. “When we return, we promise a fresh and exciting perspective, and urge you to bring renewed energy to the year ahead.”

You can check out the teaser here!

Producer Shomali shared, “I wanted to do a project that talks about women’s stories from the perspective of women for a long while. And I wanted to do it with a team of women,”

“One of the great things that Tima and Shirin did in the show broke the mould of the two-dimensional female character,” Ahmed Sharkawi, director of the Arabic Original Series at Netflix, said in an interview. “None of the characters is fully evil, nor are they fully good. So this kind of shifting perception is very enriching.”

They also shared the initiative that the makers have adopted, that after the end of each episode, viewers will be given an option of redirecting themselves to the online bullying information resource

“It’s a Netflix site that provides mental health resources for topics such as bullying,” he says. “We know the show touches on some sensitive subjects, but we welcome that because it creates some kind of dialogue.”

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“I wanted to give a small glimpse into social issues such as bullying, the gap between the families and their daughters, and the gap in social conversation more broadly,” Shomali said. She further said, “It’s a show that stems from the eyes of women about women and I am really pleased to collaborate with Netflix and have the opportunity to tell the stories of young women in our region on such a global platform.”