Netflix’s ‘365 Days’ Part 3 To Release Soon? The plot, Cast And More!

With much anticipation for its second instalment, fans are now eagerly waiting for the 'part 3'. Read to know when it gets released and more!

The sequel of the most talked-about Netflix show ‘365 Days’ just dropped last month, and needless to say, the sophomore part of the film is making the same amount of headlines as the first one did! The success of the movie although, speaks for itself, as the film has been ranked in the Top 10 list of Netflix, as the film has managed to rank viewership charts as well.

For the unversed, the film revolves around Sicilian mafioso Don Massimo Torricelli and a polish woman Laura, and their love story as Massimo holds Laura hostage for 365 days until she falls in love with him. With the success of the first part of the film, many waited eagerly for the second instalment of the film, to witness the love story of the two characters.

Now for the unversed, the movie was based on a novel by author Blanka Lipińska, who herself has spilt some major beans about the release and the making of the third part of the film. According to Blanka, her inspiration behind writing the trilogy was the famous erotica genre novel, ‘Fifty shades of grey’. When the cast of the second instalment of the film came together on Instagram, Blanka shared about the making of the third part through an Instagram post.

Release date of 365 Days- Part 3

Although the release date didn’t announce by Blanka it Netflix officially as yet, it wouldn’t be surprising to expect the release of the third part anytime soon, as the shooting of the second and third parts of the film was done back to back, in the summer of 2021.


‘365: This Day’ saw Massimo’s long lost twin Adriano’s entry, messing things up forever between Massimo and Laura. Adriano, who’s born 10 minutes before Massimo, believes he owns the Mafia empire, and thus envies brother Massimo, for being the heir. Their estrangement is so deep, that Massimo hardly mentions him to Laura, up until their marriage. Hence Laura has almost no idea of his existence and ends up mistaking him for Massimo when she finds him cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend. A revengeful Laura then runs away with Nacho.

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As the climax approaches, a stand-off between the main characters is seen, where Laura is left wounded as the credits start to roll. While Laura’s fate is left hanging in the air in the second part, it will be interesting to see if she makes it to the third part or not!