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Netflix Brings Wednesday Addams Series Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones

An exciting news scoop of the day here is that iconic king of horror Tim Burton is bring Wednesday Addams series on Netflix starring Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Exciting news indeed for all the horror film aficionados and spooky fanatics is that global giant OTT streaming platform Netflix is bringing Wednesday Addams series starring Catherine Zeta-Jones.

This news is also a happening scoop for all the fans and audiences that have missed watching one of the finest Hollywood actors on the screens for a long time now since Netflix is bringing Wednesday Addams series starring Catherine Zeta-Jones.

This has even gotten all the viewers and netizens excited and thrilled since Netflix is bringing Wednesday Addams series starring Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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Its really an epic news for all the fans who also love watching horror since Netflix is all set to bring to the screens a totally bone chilling and creepy horror genre series all based on this cult and iconic film character named Wednesday Addams ho has also been used in many relatable memes on social media and is a basically a spooky looking child who has got long plaited hair and it would be worth the wait to watch this entire series being dedicated solely to this character.

It was many years back in the year 1991 that film ‘The Addams Family’ was released and in the very popular feature film that the stroppy teen named Wednesday Addams had been essayed by Christina Ricci.

The film was a supernatural dark comedy genre film based on cartoons of the same name from the 1960s.

Speaking about this totally new series which would be streaming on Netflix and is titled as Wednesday it is going to be helmed by the horror genius Tim Burton who has decided a dream ensemble star cast full of A-lister iconic stars that has gotten the fans and even us drooling over.

Wednesday Netflix series star cast –

The leading role of the character Wednesday is going to be portrayed by the stunning star Jenna Ortega who has given a remarkable performance in The Babysitter: Killer Queen, while iconic Hollywood diva Catherine Zeta-Jones would be seen playing the character of the sultry Morticia Addams and renowned actor Luis Guzmán will play her husband Gomez.

Plot and Storyline of Wednesday –

This newly created young-adult series would be majorly revolving more and focusing on Wednesday as she studies at the spooky Nevermore Academy when she realises that she has emerging psychic abilities and then later on we all would also see how this moody teen will also have to save the local town while trying to unravel the mystery her parents became involved in 25 years earlier.

Wednesday number of episodes –

Wednesday which is going to be directed by Tim Burton and created by Alfred Gough along with Miles Millar is set to be eight episodes long.

When will it be released –

The release date of Wednesday is currently unknown, but there has been a fair amount of speculation. Could we be getting a trailer or the entire season around Halloween? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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