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Netflix Is Set To Release New ‘Spy Kids’ Movie

News of the reboot comes on the 21st anniversary of when Spy Kids being released.

The Spy Kids franchise landed on Netflix. The streaming giant is partnering with director Robert Rodriguez, the filmmaker who created the family action-comedy movie series, to relaunch and reimagine the property for a new generation. Netflix has recently announced it would be rebooting the popular 2001 film franchise with its creator and director Robert Rodriguez, plus Skydance and Spyglass Media.

The filmmaker, who recently worked with Netflix on the hit family action movie We Can Be Heroes, will be writing, directing, and producing the new film that will be introducing the world to a new family of spies. While there’s no word yet on any members of the original cast returning for the new Netflix project, Rodriguez did hint to Entertainment Weekly that the reboot was in the works.

The filmmaker said, “I’ve been getting calls from all kinds of studios, Reboot Spy Kids, Reboot Sharkboy. Of course, they want to. They’re all sitting at home with their kids,” in reference to quarantining during the pandemic. News of this reboot comes on the 21st anniversary of when Spy Kids being released.

For unversed, the previous movies Spy Kids (2001), Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams (2002), Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003), and Spy Kids: All The Time In The World (2011), followed the Cortez children Carmen (Alexa PenaVega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara) as they followed in the footsteps of their secret agent parents Gregorio (Antonio Banderas) and Ingrid (Carla Gugino) and even saved them from time to time.

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