Netflix Drops Steamy Trailer Of The Upcoming Movie 365 Days 2 – Watch

365 Days: This Day trailer shows Laura confiding in Olga while keeping a 'dark secret' from Massimo.

The long-awaited sequel to Netflix’s steamy 365 Days finally gets a release date and trailer. 365 Days: This Day will resume after the first movie’s cliffhanger, which has left fans wondering about Laura’s fate for nearly two years. 365 Days: This Day trailer shows Laura played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Sicilian mafia boss Massimo aka Michele Morrone getting married surrounded by excited loved ones.

The trailer then moves to Massimo who seems to get overprotective of Laura and struggles with his responsibilities to his family and his business, while Laura gets acquainted with newcomer Nacho (Simone Susinna), who seems to capture her attention. Laura’s most trusted friend Olga also returns in the second instalment of Polish author Blanka Lipińska’s erotic trilogy. The trailer shows Laura confiding in Olga while keeping a “dark secret” from Massimo.

365 Days part 1 followed Laura falling in love with Massimo after his kidnapping of her, however, the sequel promises jealousy, betrayal and a possible love triangle. The trailer shows new love interest Nacho whisking Laura away to the beach, with Massimo nowhere in sight. 365 Days: This Day is scheduled to premiere on April 27 on Netflix.

However, author Lipińska said fans can expect to see a new side of Laura this time around, as this is ‘undoubtedly’ her story. “This instalment goes much deeper and tells us more about the relationship between the lovers,” she told Netflix. “She’s stronger in this sequel.” 365 Days exploded onto the scene with its 2020 Netflix release, hitting the top 10 in 90 countries worldwide. It was the most-watched film on the platform following its debut.

The first movie followed the intense and steamy love story between Laura and Massimo, who we learn had his eye on Laura for five years. The day his father was murdered in front of him, Massimo had been admiring Laura from afar. Once he finds her again she’s on a trip to Sicily for her birthday he kidnaps her, giving her exactly one year to fall in love with him.

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