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Most Popular Disney Princess Names

Here are the names of some of the most popular Disney Princesses.

Disney Princesses were the first love of our life, their sweet voices and happily ending stories made us all dream about the prince of our dreams. From fairy tales to various animated movies we came across many Disney Princesses.

So let us revisit our childhood and get to know the names of some of popular Disney Princesses. We will tell you the names of top 5 most popular Disney princesses.

1. Anna
Anna from the movie Frozen lops our list of popular princesses, Anna topped our list because of her optimistic thinking. When everyone was worried she was the one thinking about some solution.

2. Belle
Belle is our small town girl so saves a prince from an evil spell with her kindness in the movie Beauty and the Beast.

3. Rapunzel
We all saw Rapunzel in the movie Tangled. In this movie we saw Rapunzel trapped in a castle for around 18 years. We all felt pity seeing this beautiful princess being trapped as such.

4. Jasmine
Jasmine is from the movie we all know Aladdin. We loved the couple Aladdin and Jasmine and how they rescue each other in turns.

5. Cinderella
Cinderella from the movie Cinderella won all our hearts with her amazing dance moves in the ball room with the Prince. But her fighting nature throughout the movie won our hearts.

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